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Walking, Breathing 2004

Walking, Breathing was shot during a three day hike across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau in southern Norway, in August 2004. The landscape is a pristine alpine wilderness, populated by wild reindeer, red foxes, walkers and the occasional mountain hut.

This time-based landscape piece seeks to respond to the spirit of place through painterly, gestural and expressionistic means. Its structure is organic and evolutionary, linking layers of activity like lines in a visual music score.

In this piece, two cycles, breathing and the regular pace of my own footsteps create the basis for the underlying form. Both Sianed Jonesí soundscape and visual movement are linked to these interwoven tempos.

The journey begins in alpine meadows in the early morning, with wind blown flora and insect life observed with an extreme macro lens. These short fragments repeat and flow like ink across an ever-changing canvas, intimate space colliding and seamlessly merging with the panoramic mountainscapes.

First exhibited at the Norwich Fringe Festival October 2004.

Vocals by Sianed Jones.