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Singing The Horizon 1997

The piece is set on Halvergate Marshes, a flat expanse of reed beds, grazing marsh and windmills in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. The journey, beginning at dawn in mid summer, is a seamless pan across the horizon, progressively transformed into ever more painterly abstraction.

Sianed Jonesí searing vocal and violin work evokes the spirit of whispering reeds, birds in flight and vast open space. The sound images unfold like the workings of an intricate machine, drawing together the movement of the clouds, the mill sails and the land.

First screened at the World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam Sept 1997. Also at A British Spring, Fylkingen, and Reel Love Festival, Norwich. East England Arts Funded.

The work is available as part of the Video Art 1997-2003 compilation.