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Pastoral Leadership Programme

We worked with the Eastern Leadership Centre to develop a training resource for teachers and teacher trainees. It looks at a wide range of pastoral issues concerning young teens, by presenting them as short drama sequences. These are performed by avatars in the virtual world of Second Life, facing real life problems such as cyberbullying, homophobic behaviour, and classroom violence.

Each short back story is first presented on DVD. Trainees are then invited to step into the ‘skins' of the virtual pastoral teachers they have just met in the virtual school. Using techniques drawn from forum theatre, they explore different ways to relate to the troubled students, and seek positive outcomes to the issues being faced. The student roles are played in real time by professional actors, who nuance their responses to each trainee pastoral teacher to simulate realistic classroom encounters.

These are the back stories they worked with:

Adam from Martin Sercombe on Vimeo.

Melissa from Martin Sercombe on Vimeo.

Kelly from Martin Sercombe on Vimeo.

Ryan from Martin Sercombe on Vimeo.