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Many of our projects utilise still photography, as an art medium or as part of the documentation and evaluation process. We can provide a complete photo production service based around Nikon DSLR equipment, Lightroom and Photoshop CS6.

Martin Sercombe has published three books of his landscape photography.

Vanishing Points can be previewed here

Messages from the Edge of the World can be previewed at

Chicken Shed with Boomerang can be previewed at

Visit his Flickr stream here.


"like a curious twist on a Constable masterpiece."

"...the fleeting remnant of a potent dream image..."

"like a shot from an early Bergman film like Wild Strawberries or the Virgin Spring..."

"looks like somewhere Van Gogh would have walked..."

"this completely felt very "Last Night at Marienbad" to me - - full of secrets and eternally poetic."

" harkens back to Steichen's astonishing "The Pond-Moonlight (1904)."

"if heaven exists I suppose it could look a bit like this..."