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Teaching camera skills in Kathmandu

We currently offer two accreditation routes to learners on projects involving 30 or more hours of contact time. The first option is the Arts Award. Arts Award aspires to support any young person to enjoy the arts and develop creative leadership skills. It can be offered at levels 1, 2 and 3 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Media Projects East has two trained Arts Award advisors who can support young people taking a Bronze or Silver course.

For further details, visit the Arts Award web site at

The second route is via the National Open College Network Step Up scheme. We have formed a partnership with the Shaw Trust to deliver these courses. Shaw Trust is a national charity which supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently.

Our company provides the media skills practitioners, whilst the Shaw Trust delivers the programmes, targeting young people aged 14-19 years.

Further details can be found on the NOCNís web site at


Journeys is an example of an Arts Award accredited project, undertaken in partnership with Creative Arts East. A group of young people with learning difficulties participated in a summer school in August 2008. They learned a wide range of art skills, including film making, puppetry, music making and performance. Each student worked towards a Bronze Arts Award.