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This video tells the story of how the project was made in a series of stills taken at the different workshops. It also contains the full credits list of who was involved.

"The most refreshing aspect of working with this group was the sheer enthusiasm they brought to each new assignment. The fact that some had speech impairments or special educational needs simply led them to discover less obvious ways of expressing their ideas, through mime, writing, drawing or animation. The creative energy generated by the group is clearly visible in the drama and animation sequences they created for the film. It demonstrates the power of democratic peer-based learning, where students, film makers, drama teachers and historians can all learn from each other, sharing their particular skills and creativity."
Martin Sercombe


Here are a few quotes from the team:

"The team spend all week at school talking to their friends about the work they are doing here. It's amazing the positive impact it is having on their school work."
Warren School Teacher

"I enjoyed designing masks, making paper puppets, acting, using the camera and sound equipment. My favourite part was acting as a clown and making the video."
Student from Benjamin Britten High


You can download the full project report here (66kb Adobe PDF document).