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Our World 2010

We worked with CfBT Education Trust and the Brunei Ministry of Education to produce an animated film by school children in Brunei about the importance of preserving the rainforest. Here are two quotes from the young people involved:

"The part I loved the most was when we made a bulldozer cut down the forest and people were clapping and they were amazed and I knew that we had gained the score to make animations that interest people."

“Yesterday was the best day that has ever happened in my life. We went to the Labi Road and walked in the jungle. We learned how to work together with the cameras and be responsible. I hope this project will never end! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, we sang together on the way home."

Download a project report

Download the teachers notes to accompany the DVD

Our World 25 mins 30 secs Colour Stereo DVD PAL

Aslo includes The Learning Journey (20 mins) describing the educational process.

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