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We have collected together a range of web based resources which might help inspire similar projects in schools. They are organised under Poets, Poetry For Young People, Animated Poetry and Performance Poetry on Video.


John Hegley

Roger McGough

John Cooper Clarke

Andy Craven Griffiths

Michael Rosen

Joshua Seigal

Julia Webb

Luke Wright

B J Epstein

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids

Andrew Motion

Video Clips (Animated Poems)

Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

What's In The Cellar, Mrs Mellor?

My First Memory of A Black and White Moon by Erin Zerbe

Discovery by Elizabeth Keller

The Slow Train by Dudley Wild

Poetry For Young People

Norfolk Children's Book Centre

An Imaginary Menagerie by Roger McGough

BBC Poetry Links for Schools

Poetry Teachers

Young Writers

The Poetry Friendly Classroom

Young Poets Network

Animated Poetry

Billy Collins: Action Poetry

Motion Poems

Moving Poems: The Best Poetry Videos on the Web
(Please note: some of these poems are unsuitable for younger children.)

Poetry Pie: Four Animated Poems

Taylor Mali What do Teachers make? - a poem about the value of good teaching, with animated typography.

Performed Poetry on Video

(Please note instances of swearing and sexual references before choosing which videos to show in class.)

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner UN Climate Summit Statement and Poem (at 2:47)

Andy Craven-Griffiths Grandad - a poem about Alzheimer's disease. Suitable for KS3 upwards.

Lamar Jorden Waiting for Someone - about a conversation with a homeless man, a war veteran.

Andy Craven-Griffiths Horse Shoes - a poem about altruism and domestic abuse. Suitable for KS4 upwards, pending teachers' approval.

Polarbear Jessica - for year 9+ (mention of "joint" at 0:05, mild sexual reference at 1:55 - 1:58 "something's poking her thigh".)

Bohdan Piasecki Sound-led - This poem is in Polish and illustrates the importance of the sound of words, and is led by sound rather than meaning.

Inua Ellams Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars - (Suitable for Year 9+)

Sarah Kay For My Daughter (2:37-2:38 "damn")

Tim Clare Favourite Things - Brilliant example of parodying a famous song.

Steinmetz Team Louder than a Bomb - Short documentary piece about a slam poetry project in Chicago.

Shane Koytcan This is my Voice

Byron Vincent Alchemy in Nowhere Town - about problems with alcohol abuse. (1:15 "arse cheeks", 1:28 "arseholes")

George Watsky S is for lisp - Brilliant poem celebrating speech differences. (Moderate sexual references 1:23-1:30 / 2:08-2:12, 2:27 "p*****", 2:34-2:36 "sexist s*** is sickening")

Taylor Mail The The Impotence of Proof Reading (sexual references throughout)

Stanley Unwin Goldiloppers And The Three Bearloders (classic nonsense poetry parody of the famous fairy tale.)